What is LBD's background and experience as a designer?

Lauren originates from Southern California however during her many travels to Italy sparked a love of all things beautiful while she studied at SDSU then Design Institute of San Diego. At the Design Institute she earned her fine arts degree in Interior Design in 1997. From there Lauren went on to work with legendary design and architecture firms: Callison, Carrier Johnson and RAPT Studios. Lauren braved the transition and formed LBD in 2003. Since then she has been designing residential and commercial interiors.

 What is LBD's style?

Though her interiors are typically clean and uncluttered, she is comfortable working in a variety of styles, guided by her clients’ individual needs and tastes. Her design process is pragmatic (how should the space be laid out to flow and function well?) Lauren repeatedly gets feedback that her designs are broad based but all have a sense of being clean, uncluttered and warm.

Does LBD have a network of collaborating professionals to help with my project needs?

We have a network of collaborating professionals, formed through 12 years of practice, includes architects, builders, engineers, artists, and artisans who share our vision. 

How does the design process work?

LBD's approach is flexible and responsive. We work with some clients who know exactly what they want and we help them achieve it. Others are less sure and we guide them through the design process, helping them to formulate their own aesthetic as we go. At the beginning of each project, Lauren likes to start with the same questions: What’s the best design for the client? What’s the best design for the building or space? What will stand the test of time, stylistically and functionally? For any project, her goal is to ensure that the fundamental design and the materials are classic, long lasting, and appropriate. Then she likes to layer on fresh contemporary elements such as lighting, furniture, and art that feel just right for the clients.